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    Gaadi Bazaar by Cholamandalam Finance


    Automotive retail


    Automobile traders/consumers


    A suite of Mobile (iOS & Android) and Web applications


    PHP Laravel Framework, Angular 6, MySQL,
    Java (Android), Swift (iOS)

Bussiness Context

Gaadi Bazaar, an initiative of the Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited, approached Ionixx with a specific business requirement.

They were looking to build a structured dealer/vendor trading ecosystem, driven by values of transparency, for buying and selling commercial vehicles online.

They sought to develop a vehicle trading platform, equipped with information and functionalities on pricing, promotional offers and discounts, insurance policies, market pricecomparisons, and expert recommendations

At its core, the need was to build a robust and open platform to empower users to carry out vehicle trading activities in the automobile market in a secure and seamless manner.


As online trading communities across all industries continue to grow popular, there is a constant need to bu ild a trustworthy and sustainable channel that scores highly onoperational efficiency

While attempting to build a platform to streamline online vehicle trading operations for Cholamandalam Finance, Ionixx identified the following challenges:

Several consumers are constantly plagued by issues of trustworthiness when it comes to buying a used vehicle.

Need for a structured platform to build credibility among the buying and selling community.

Lack of an efficient pricing system that is compliant with marketplace best practices.

Absence of streamlined funding and insurance functionalities at a single touchpoint.

Slow and ineffective search functionality.

The Ionixx Approach

Ionixx' approach to arriving at an optimal solution for Cholamandalam Finance involved several rounds of communication with them to further understand their business pain points.

This led to the understanding that the primary need for Gaadi Bazaar was to act as a unified online marketplace to support buyers, sellers, and dealers in having a hassle-free vehicle trading experience.

It was necessary to ensure best practices were followed in buyer/seller verification procedures so as to better enforce community and marketplace safety rules.

Ionixx' design and technology teams worked closely with the Cholamandalam Finance team to develop a customized plan that addressed each of these pain points meticulously.

Quick querying enabled through elastic search

Ionixx Identified the need to create an online marketplace that empowers distinct user groups to quickly and directly access the right information, without wasting time.

For instance, a user looking to buy a used vehicle with specific parameters in his search will directly be led to the right results without having to wade his way through scores of irrelevant data.

The first step toward achieving this goal involved the creation of specific user groups and mapping out their respective preferences. Our UX designers began by working through user flows for each user type and created wireframes accordingly.

Further, creating an elastic search feature powered by Redis cache ensured a quick search functionality, thus speeding up the entire buying/selling/auctioning process for every stakeholder in the buying/selling channel.

Access to comprehensive information under one roof to guide buying/selling decisions

Equipped with extensive research-driven features and comparison tools, Gaadi Bazaar enables all its users to select from a large vehicle inventory that is categorized based on type, functionality, price, popularity, and so on.

This diverse range of organized information empowers users with the ability to conduct thorough research before making a buying or selling decision.

Information on vehicle pricing, including seller specials and dealer discounts is easily available to the end-user, thereby equipping users with the right kind of information to guide them toward making a purchase decision.


On identifying specific challenges and working methodically to alleviate them, Ionixx was able to provide the following results with the Gaadi Bazaar web and mobile application:

A decluttered user interface enabling ease of use.

Quick access to the right kind of information.

All inclusive pricing and loaning features under one rook.

An uncomplicated vehicle trading system.