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We understand that a marketplace is much more than an online store!

Our multi-vendor vehicle trading marketplace solution is built to provide a seamless user experience to all the stakeholders involved. Here are some quick highlights of our solution.
  • Sophisticated display and management of vehicle inventory and specifications data including images, pricing, etc
  • Solid offline and online vendor integration system
  • Improved non-verbal communication with your customers through a user-first approach
Why Us?

We have proven capabilities in building successful marketplace platforms from scratch. Combined with in-depth market research to analyze clients’ biggest needs, we aim to develop a streamlined marketplace solution with custom features and benefits, cutting across diverse industries.

Our Online Marketplace Solution Features
  • Order management tools

    Following extensive research on understanding user needs and behavior, we built several tools to help vendors and buyers communicate easily and quickly resolve order issues if they arise.

  • Interactive dashboards

    With user-friendly interfaces and specific dashboards for admin and various vendors, we custom built specific role-based screens to enable the possibility to set and customize different layouts and interactive screens.

  • Fully customizable features

    Our expert design and development teams can customize and build unique features by taking your specific needs and industry requirements into consideration.

  • Powerful search and listing tools

    We enabled great product searches through faceted category filters and well-designed search algorithms. We built features to provide users the ability to search, use a filter, and view detailed information; for vendors -- we provided the ability to add a new listing, view their listings, close, edit or track their listings, etc.

  • Easy registration and onboarding processes

    To make the signup and onboarding process for vendors as straight-forward as possible, we built intuitive interfaces to make sure that it took users very minimal effort and time to get on board and sign up to sell with the platform.

  • Advanced CMS

    Built with an admin-driven dynamic content management system, our solution is well-equipped to handle large transactions with each user role defined and provided with the right kind of controls. Product-related screens, bidding & auction-related screens, master mapping related screens, and the like have been designed appropriately.

  • Integrated loan facility

    This facility allows users to apply for an instant loan and get approved based on their credit report details.

  • Extensive news feeds

    Aggregated news feeds and daily industry insights offer users a bird’s eye view of the latest trends in the industry apart from guiding informed decision-making.

Solution Benefits
  • Secure and reliable
  • Quick registration and onboarding
  • Streamlined product and vendor management
  • Convenient and seamless order processing
  • Extensive customer support
  • High scalability to support new product addition
  • Efficient built-in systems to manage orders
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