Mobile App Development

Ionixx Technologies employs seasoned professionals for mobile application development.

Mobile app development is a key strategic priority for both startups and established businesses alike. Mobile has become the principal method of communicating, discovering and exchanging information, and staying connected to people, things and data. It is paramount that your mobile game plan is put into action with a complete understanding of the market, trends and emerging technologies.

Our mobile app consultants will provide you with some of the best future-ready solutions for your app idea. Our user-centric approach enables us to build engaging and user-friendly mobile apps of any complexity. Ionixx’s talent pool of highly-skilled developers build apps for all major platforms whether it is Android, iOS or a Windows app.

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Custom or native, we build apps that delight your customers and translate business logic into engaging experiences. We quickly identify and strategically implement mobility techniques that exceed our clients’ business goals. We conceptualize, design and develop mobile apps with exciting features and scalability options.

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Mobile App Services

Our uniqueness lies in our expertise in executing mobile application development using best-in-class architecture and international quality standards. Our team of committed mobile app developers has been creating applications that have reshaped the business radars.

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Android App Development

We have built dozens of Android apps, gaining the experience to tackle web service integrations, OAuth authorization, push messaging, social network integrations, real-time navigation and user interaction, background processing, data syncing with a remote database, and much more.

Just throw your toughest Android demands at us, and we'll find a solution. We thrive under pressure!

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iOS App Development

We have embraced the changing iOS ecosystem and have consistently grown our skills in the area. Our iOS developers are experienced in Swift, C, and Objective C. We can craft beautiful iOS apps that are compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Ionixx will incorporate powerful app functionalities and debugging requirements to ensure smooth submissions into the Apple App Store. We’ll help make your app stand out in the lucrative iOS market.

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Responsive App Development

You may be attracted to develop a web app by the shorter development cycles or the deeper mobile user and device reach, but the modern web has adapted skillfully to the changing demands of the mobile user. Today web apps use architectures that make them more like native apps.

We therefore believe in the mobile-first approach: our web apps are perfectly responsive, giving users a uniform experience across a wide range of devices.

Hybrid app development

Combining the characteristics of native and web-based applications, hybrid app development is considered as one of the most cost-effective ways to provide compatibility to different platforms.

With our huge expertise, we create hybrid apps that can be accessed through any device and offer some of the best user experiences. Our exceptional solutions are based on a seamless integration, usage of the latest tools and technologies, fast turnaround times, great user experience, unmatched skills, a transparent approach and customer satisfaction.

Our tech-savvy and skilled hybrid app developers build high-quality customized hybrid apps that reach a wide audience in a short span of time.

Wearables app development

With rapid adoption worldwide, the wearable technology market is predicted to reach about $51 billion by 2022. Ionixx Technologies continues to pioneer in providing users with world-class experiences for both mobile and wearable devices.

We build apps that are customer-centric and run flawlessly on smart watches, glasses etc. As an innovation-led organization, we are all set to work with companies and verticals to develop applications that leverage wearables.

With a completely new customer-engagement that will be relished by generations to come, Ionixx offers some powerful and ground-breaking wearable app development services that can fulfil your business requirements. Partner with us to help you build tomorrow’s best-selling gadgets with our new and extended technology stack.

Mobile app lifecycle

You got your app built - now what? Apps need a lot of care and nurturing to succeed. It's like gardening. You need the right amount of light, water, nutrients, and love to see your garden in full bloom. Lucky for you, we have a green thumb! We will care for your app like it's our own.