Mobile app lifecycle

We'll pick the weeds, get rid of those bugs, prune the features, and even do a complete overhaul if that's what you need. Our product management team will support you throughout your product lifecycle, and we will jump in at whatever stage you need us.

Mobile App Consultation Services

Mobility is an inevitable reality for most business, users love the convenience of having information at their fingertips. The massive proliferation of mobile devices and apps have to be embraced by businesses to survive. The implementation of mobility comes with its own challenges ranging from specific mobile strategies to security measures.

Ionixx’s engineering team comes with experience in mobility services to help launch and implement your mobile strategy. Our mobile app consultants offer personalized services to create realistic strategies to make your mobile movement a complete success. With so many options available to choose from to piece together your mobile strategy, we can help sift through and formulate an ideal action plan for you.

Mobile App Architecture

There are several variables that need to be considered before choosing the direction for your mobile architecture. Will it be a native apps, responsive web app or a hybrid app? Each of these approaches has inherent advantages. We help our customers identify the the right fit for them.

Mobile app architectures are subject to at least four major update cycles in a two-year time frame. This means keeping up with mobile operating systems, setting aside budgets and being bug-ready.

A lot of these complexities can be mitigated if you have a clear understanding about the architecture that you are going to use. We assist our customers in choosing the key technology choices for mobile applications in basically three fundamental ways ‘Native Apps’, ‘Responsive Web Apps’ and ‘Hybrid Apps’. Each of these approaches has inherent advantages. We help our customers identify the ideal fit for them by asking the right questions.

  • Who is going to use the App?

  • What experience do the users expect?

  • Are there any industry-specific requirements?

  • Do you need the app to run offline?

  • What kind of bandwidth and connectivity do your users have?

  • Is there a primary platform you want to focus on or is multi-platform compatibility important?

  • What is your budget and how much time do you have?

Mobile App Design

Given the small real estate available on a mobile device, it is crucial to make smart design choices which will have a positive impact on the user’s experience. We create delightful apps by focusing on User Experience (UX) design which is based on the psychology of the user and industry best practices. The visual aspects of an app need to stay on point with current trends. Our UI designers keep themselves acquainted with the constantly changing preferences of users and app designs and patterns that they are familiar with.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing is an important step within the mobile app development process. This enables the developers to build high-quality apps and this is often the answer to most mobile app concerns before its launch. We are constantly in pursuit of perfection and any flaws that are a detriment to the product are quickly identified and fixed before the customers are impacted.

We put your product through a rigorous testing process that eliminates functionality bugs, usability issues and improves app ratings for valuable customer referrals.

Automation Testing

Automation testing only means the machine does faster what a human used to do and with far less errors. We build better apps within lesser timeframes with proven returns on investments. With our reliable automation testing we can also provide detailed comparative analytical reports in no time. We can simultaneously run the tests on multiple mobile devices, a feat that is impossible to achieve with manual testing.

ixTest Framework

It is imperative to find the right testing automation framework, which is the key to getting the automated process right. Our custom built Test framework, provides a clear status on the testing as well as the quality of the product.

The framework allows you to test mobile apps instantly across various mobile OS platforms and different mobile sizes and resolutions. It clearly displays results for each of the test metrics, which enable stakeholders to have control of the project, mitigate risks and also plan for alternative measures. The various features of this framework include:

  • Reusable test scenarios

  • Wide test results covering all test metrics

  • Support for web and mobile testing

  • Browser/device compatibility testing

  • Mobile specific support

  • Support for multiple OS versions

Other Testing Service

  • Functional Testing
  • Smoke Testing

  • Sanity Testing

  • User interface Testing

  • Integration Testing

  • Quality Relevance Testing

  • Memory leak Testing.

  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Security Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • SEO Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Compatibility Testing

Mobile App Backend Development

For the Mobile Server backends, we follow the MVC architecture. This way the application can scale horizontally across multiple web servers without any problems. For startups, we suggest a single database with vertical scaling strategy as it can take the startups well beyond the MVP stage to millions of users. However, if it makes sense and if the additional time and budget are available we implement the "Shared DB" architecture which can scale to hundreds of millions of users. We work on relational as well as non-relational databases. Deployment architecture focuses on scalability, responsiveness and security.

Technologies and platforms we often use for mobile backends are:

  • Server Technologies: NodeJS, J2EE, .Net, PHP Laravel, ROR

  • MBAAS: Firebase, Parse

  • Open Source Platforms: OpenCart, Wordpress, Magento, SocialEngine

  • Proprietary Platforms: Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Neo4j

  • Web Services: JSON, REST, XML, SOAP

  • Server Environments: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku, Linode VPS

Mobile App Integrations

With our Mobile App Integration, we offer innovative and effective ways of utilizing the complete infrastructure that lies behind your applications. We improve productivity by integrating mobile backend applications such as CRM, POS and ERP to give users and employees a good experience. Our integration will provide users:

  • Better digital, real-time and data-intensive experiences

  • Better digital, real-time and data-intensive experiences

  • Designing, Building And Integrating the Backend Systems

  • Enabling Integration Through Web Services Development And Middleware

  • Mobile App Integration With ERP Systems (SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, Infor, And Others)

  • Mobile App Integration With CMS (Wordpress, Umbraco, Joomla, Drupal, And Others)

  • Mobile App Integration With CRM Systems (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Sales Cloud, Sugarcrm, And Others)

  • Payment Gateway ( PayPal, Braintree,

  • Social Integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Google Plus)