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Multi-exchange Crypto Trading Platform Development

With over a decade of experience in building financial software and several years in building trading solutions for capital and crypto markets, our team of experts brings to you a custom Multi-exchange Crypto Trading Platform.

Trade, automate, and track - all through a single unified interface that aggregates data from multiple crypto exchanges.

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Highlights of our Crypto TradingPlatform Solution:

Supports 10 exchanges

Supports 10 exchanges

Supports 2812 native pairs & 182,054 synthetic pairs of cryptocurrency

Supports 2812 native pairs & 182,054 synthetic pairs of cryptocurrency

Facilitates real-time trading

Facilitates real-time trading

Custom user-interfaces that enhance user experience

Custom user-interfaces that enhance user experience

Enables advanced trading through proprietary algorithms

Enables advanced trading through proprietary algorithms


  • Order Book Aggregator

    Highlights market trends and arbitrage opportunities. Also provides visualization of the supply/demand of a selected cryptocurrency and current spread of crypto pairs.

  • Profit & Loss Engine

    Our P&L Engine is responsible for calculating a number of various performance metrics that are broadly split based on FIFO (First In, First Out) and LIFO (Last In, First Out) inventory management schemes.

  • Smart Order Routing

    Processes orders at the best price available across multiple markets in real-time. Checks the current rate for any selected pair across different exchanges to provide the best offer and helps to find the appropriate route to make a switch.

  • Portfolio Management

    Our Capital Management System maintains real-time and automated balances (positions) of fiat and crypto at each exchange, for each coin. It also maintains a systematic list of working orders at each exchange. Digital asset performance metrics and the distribution of crypto are all clearly presented in each portfolio. Multiple conversion base values such as USD, EUR, BTC, GBP are supported.

  • Best Price Estimator

    Calculates and displays booking price and estimated trade price across multiple exchanges.

  • Algorithmic Trading

    Automates execution of trade orders. When the set conditions are met, orders are promptly and precisely sent to exchanges. These can be both Smart or Synthetic Orders.

  • Order Management System (OMS)

    Enables seamless trading across 10+ crypto exchanges. OMS executes trade orders (both manual and automated/algorithmic) to ensure each order goes through a systematic process of checks and balances. Smartly handles the routing of an order across various systems before it is executed.

  • Synthetic Order Processing

    Facilitates trade between unsupported (nonnative) pairs on each exchange. We know that every exchange offers a particular set of order types for trading, and they are usually native to that particular exchange - synthetic orders allow you to trade order types that are not supported by a certain exchange by using a convertible form that is supported by the exchange.

Our curated technology stacka Crypto Trading Platform

  • Microservices


  • JAVA


  • SpringBoot


  • gRPC


  • Redis


  • Kafka


  • postgresq


  • Cassandra


  • Kubernetes


Ionixx Product DevelopmentExcellence

  • user experience design
    User Experience Design

    Apply time-test design principles to achieve business goals and maintain high user satisfaction.

  • user interface design
    User Interface Design

    Create visually appealing interfaces that meet branding expectations.

  • Server-side development
    Server-side development

    Microservices-based architecture for high performance and scalability.

  • Test-driven development
    Test-driven development

    Preventing defects as part of the development process using test-driven development.

  • Web & Mobile development
    Web & Mobile development

    Component based Web & Mobile application development with an advanced presentation layer.

  • FinTech subject matter expertise
    FinTech subject matter expertise

    One-on-one guidance from leading financial industry experts that differentiates our solution from the competition.

A custom crypto trading solution isready to be built for you!

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Bitsian Inc.Crypto Trading System for Software Company

The final product is fully-functional and stable. Ionixx Technologies demonstrated a complete commitment to the project, working through nights to adhere to an accelerated timeline.

Ribbon Communication.Software Tool Development for Telecommunications Company

While the project is still ongoing, the results thus far have met the expectations of the internal team. Ionixx Technologies communicates regularly with the client to ensure both teams are on the same page.




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