2021Healthcare Product Contest

From Nov 12th to Dec 12th

9 daysto go

It’s time to turn the page to a New year, new Healthcare solutions and innovate new products to support the US Healthcare market.

The pandemic forced us all to question our healthcare system. Our front line workers tirelessly provided their services, but it is evident that there is still much more to be done to improve the healthcare landscape in the future!

Collaborate with Ionixx’s Design and Healthcare Domain experts to build out your idea into a visually compelling, clickable prototype that can be shared as an initial concept with investors, your internal team and other stakeholders!

Champion your ideasWin the contest

Bring your vision to life

Discuss the value it brings to the healthcare community

Bring your vision to life

Highlight the uniqueness of your solution

Bring your vision to life

List your assumptions for technical feasibility

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