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We provide high-quality, global digital brokerage services and financial software solutions that cover the complete trading lifecycle.

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We lead the financial technology revolution, empowering capital market businesses with our cutting-edge digital brokerage solutions. Our range of FinTech solutions cover everything from Trade Automation to Digital Asset Management.


An  OMS  that caters to all your needs, even the future ones

Real time. Accurate. Reliable.

Optimize your trade processing while navigating through the complexities of risk and regulatory change.

Our advanced real-time solution delivers best-in-class trade processing for equities and related instruments throughout the transaction life cycle.

  • Customized 15C3-5 Pre Trade Risk Checks
  • Order & Trade Management system
  • Smart Order Router
  • Trading API Integration
  • Real time Position Management
  • Global connectivity via FIX
OMS Solution Highlights
  • Low latency technology with high capacity & throughput improves transparency and accountability by consolidating all Order Management System (OMS) and execution on one platform.
  • Open architecture provides 100% seamless OMS integration with your existing trading operations.
  • FIX Connectivity capability to liquidity provider of your choice connectivity to your back office.
  • Receive alerts upon order rejects, unsolicited cancels, wash trades, and more.
  • Generate surveillance and compliance reports.
  • Write your own rules and tweak the behaviors of powerful automated OMS solutions.
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Smart Trade Monitoring solution to ensure that you are on top

Visual. Easy. Custom.

Sophisticated cloud-based risk analytics & margin calculations that are easy to use, cost-effective to implement and quick to deploy.

  • Trade Details & Position Overview
  • Smart Order Rules Management
  • Monitor Firm Inventory PnL Realtime
  • Manage allowable securities to Trade
  • Realtime metrics on orders processed, pending orders, etc
  • Monitor Concentration Risk Real time
Trade Monitor Solution highlights
  • Robust API allows access to all features
  • Controls available in the admin console.
  • Risk Controls – Configure Pre-trade risk controls for market access
  • Custom rules-based order review
  • Compliance Controls – Integrated day trading monitoring, & order marking
  • Multiple level of user support & authentication
  • Connected to OMS real time & can be integrated with back office for account balance viewing
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Automate  Post Trade operations to create room for more

Flexible. Agile. Efficient.

Our Global Post Trade Management solution streamlines and standardizes operations and infrastructure across asset classes, markets, currencies, and business entities.

We aim to lower your operating costs, streamline the process, make you future-ready, and enhance your post-trade capabilities.

  • Realtime Position, P&L, Subledger
  • Clearance & Settlement
  • Consolidated Security Master
  • Live pricing and analytics
  • Reg-T Margin Management
  • Corporate Action Manager
Post Trade Solution Highlights
  • Scalable and flexible, supporting agile business growth
  • Realtime Books and Records system for efficient post-trade operations.
  • Distributed Ledger System
  • Support execution for different asset classes on a single platform
  • Support and manage all fees calculations
  • Future-ready for T-0 or T+1 settlement for capital markets, optimizing post-trade efficiency.
  • Unified Data Fabric empowers post-trade analytics and insights, allowing you to tweak the behaviors of powerful automated solutions for improved post-trade outcomes.
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Applications designed so well that it will win your user’s heart

You Desire, We deliver, everything Realtime

  • User Profile & onboarding management
  • Market data integration
  • Transaction Management
  • Multi asset portfolio management
  • Secure KYC
  • Native Apps for IOS, Android
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Why Choose Ionixx for Digital Brokerage Services?

  • AdvancementOur solutions incorporate brokerage technology such as DLT(Distributed Ledger Technology), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Predicitive Analytics to provide you with state-of-the-art tools and brokerage services.

  • CustomizabilityWe understand that every business is unique. Ionixx offers highly customizable brokerage solutions, ensuring that our digital brokerage solutions align perfectly with your specific needs and goals.

  • SecurityYour financial data and transactions are of utmost importance. Ionixx takes security seriously, implementing robust measures to protect your information and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Global ReachOur platform enables you to access global capital markets, expanding your trading horizons and opening up new opportunities for growth.

  • ComplianceWe adhere to the highest industry standards and regulations. By choosing Ionixx, you can operate in a compliant and risk-free environment, minimizing potential pitfalls.

  • EfficiencyIonixx's digital brokerage solutions are designed to streamline your trading processes, reducing manual intervention, minimizing errors, and enhancing efficiency in trading operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Covering the entire lifecycle of capital markets trading, our digital brokerage solutions are built to offer a comprehensive suite of OMS Systems, post-trade, and trade monitoring solutions.

Using Ionixx's digital asset brokerage management solution and brokerage services can simplify the process of trading and managing your digital asset portfolio, offering convenience, efficiency, and access to a broader trading landscape.
Choosing the right system depends on factors such as your trading preferences, the range of assets you want to trade, security features, fees, and user interface.

Accessibility: You can access your brokerage account from anywhere with an internet connection.

Real-Time Data: You can access real-time market data and research tools.

Convenience: Trades can be executed quickly and easily from a computer or mobile device.

The speed at which trades are executed on brokerage platforms can vary depending on market conditions and settlement processes. In general, most trades are settled on a T+2 (two business days after the trade date) basis for traditional markets. However, some modern platforms offer T+1 (one business day) or even T+0 (same-day) settlement options, providing faster access to funds and assets for traders. The exact execution time also depends on factors such as order type, liquidity, and trading hours.

Users create accounts on the platform, deposit funds, and then use brokerage technology like DLT enables broker-dealers to offer clients access to the digital asset management platform. Trades are executed by DLT, and users can monitor their portfolios in real time.

Yes, digital asset brokerage management systems usually provide portfolio tracking features. You can monitor the performance of your assets, view historical trades, and assess your overall investment strategy.

Reputable digital asset management companies such as Ionixx implement strong security measures, including encryption, two-factor authentication, and secure data storage, to protect user information and funds. However, users must also practice good cybersecurity habits.

Yes, digital asset brokerage management systems offer mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, allowing users to manage their trades and portfolios on the go.