Post Trade Services

Optimize every step of post-trade processing while navigating through the complexities of risk and regulatory change.

Our advanced real-time solution delivers the best-in-class post-trade processing for equities and related instruments, across the entire transaction lifecycle.

Key features of
Ionixx Post-Trade Services (PTS)
Securities-based Processing

Choose Ionixx PTS to digitize your entire trade and asset servicing life cycle with a streamlined broker dealer operating model and open-architecture securities-based processing.

Trade confirmations, Allocations, Matching, Reconciliation and Clearing

Through Ionixx PTS - you will be able to bring transparency to transactions as well as a smooth transition of information from order management to centralized confirmation, trade matching, and reconciliation process to ensure each trade is verified and validated accurately. And enable appropriate maintenance of books and records, preparation and transformation of statements of accounts, receipt and delivery of funds and securities and settlement instruction workflows.


The Ionixx PTS accounting module generates postings from transactions, settlements, and margin call trades and provides financial instrument adjustment values across product types, asset classes, and derivatives.

Regulatory Reporting & Risk Analysis

Client clearing workflows and audit trails help ensure adherence to the latest regulations. Real-time processing of balances, margin, and linked positions to enable efficient risk mitigation, analysis and facilitating change of portfolio positions and/or valuations to gauge potential market exposure.

Why us?

Our dynamic PTS solutions are equipped to offer the following benefits:

  • Modern, up-to-date, and scalable

  • High availability architecture

  • Future ready T+1 Settlement

  • Easily integrated with any OMS

  • Automates any asset class seamlessly

  • Reduces operational costs

Our team of experts at Ionixx excels in building trade lifecycle products and solutions for multiple broker dealers. Built on the foundation of innovative technology, Ionixx PTS offers advanced real-time trade processing & clearing and settlement services for equities. Get in touch with us today to start your PTS journey.