Making Post-trade
Processes Efficient and
Intelligent with Automation

Real Time. Custom. Future ready

Ionixx provides broker-dealers with tailored & turn key back-office automation
solutions for a seamless Post-trade processing experience.

Servicing The Modern-day Broker-Dealers with Full-cycle

Post-trade Settlement Services

Our post-trade processing settlement solutions help broker-dealers stay on top of regulatory mandates
while also enabling efficiency through full-cycle post-trade automation. We offer automated clearing
and custody post-trade solutions within a unified and completely integrated system.

Dynamic ScalingWe leverage cloud-native containerization architectures to make a post-trade processingefficient and scalable.
Easy DeploymentWe can help deploy fully automated modern-day
post-trade solutions in a short time frame of as little as 3 months.
Premium User ExperienceWe help craft an intuitive user experience that effortlessly guides users through complexities and empowers them to achieve more with ease.
Customized to your needsWe customize by adding to individual components of your post-trade systems, based on your specific business needs.

Automated Post-trade solution to scale your operations

Flexible. Agile. Efficient.
  • Real-time books & record system
  • Live Market Data feed
  • Real-Time buying power calculation
  • Customizable for T+0 Settlement and T+1 Settlement
  • Supports Equity/Options/Fixed Income, and Mutual Funds
  • Req-T Margin Management
  • New Accounts and Cash Deposits can be to the system sent via API
  • Trades can be sent to the system via API/FIX Drop Copies or through files

Analyzing Capital Market exposure and margin management management

Minimize Risk with a Rule-based engine

Upgraded Margin & Collateral ManagementCustomize rules to process Margin requirements, and minimize risk.
Realtime Cash-flow ComputationCashflows computed from dividends and rates are matched with trade data and market data to eliminate any error.
Automated Risk AlertsThe operations team always remains informed as the calculations and risk checks happen in real-time. Define your own escalation matrix using the rules engine.
Simplify Accounting with the Latest technology
Speed. Scalability. Configurability
  • Central matching of cross-border & domestic transactions
  • Correspondent Accounting
  • Standing settlement instructions
  • Real-time P&L
  • Predetermined tolerance levels
  • Record books synced with corporate actions
  • GL Account Processing
We have made adopting technology easier, simpler, and more accessible for effective post-trade services

Do more in less

Extended Support
  • Fractional Trading support
  • Day Trading support
  • Built for Self Clearing or with other clearing firms.
  • Multi currency support
  • Automatic Call abatement
  • 15c3-3
  • Short Reporting
  • Bluesheet
  • 606A
  • Start of Day Balances, Positions reports
  • Confirms
  • Statements
  • Risk and anomaly reports
  • Tax Reporting
Possibilities with new Distributed Ledger Technology
Efficient. Transparent. Secure.
  • Simultaneous updation of multiple copies of a ledger across different parties
  • Creation of Smart contracts
  • Shared & immutable record of all transactions
Use of DLT in the Post-trade process reduces risks, fraud, and errors.
We will make it happen.

A Reliable Suite of Post-trade Services from Ionixx

Ionixx’s custom Post-trade Solution is designed to offer broker-dealers reliability and efficiency to operate in the dynamic world of capital markets.Our integrated post-trade solution excels in post-trade processing, offering a seamless blend of post-trade services and solutions with native front-to-back integration.Our fully automated post-trade solution enables trade automation across equities, options, fixed income, mutual funds, and digital/crypto assets, utilizing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for swift T+0 settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skilled Team: Our skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering top-tier post-trade services, ensuring accurate and timely processing within capital markets.

Trade Automation: Ionixx offers advanced trade automation solutions, streamlining post-trade operations for T+1 and T+0 settlement.

Comprehensive Post-Trade Solutions: We provide end-to-end, comprehensive post-trade solutions, including trade reconciliation, trade validation, position management, and transaction lifecycle management. Our solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in post-trade processing.

Back Office Excellence: Ionixx's expertise extends to the back office, ensuring reliable and seamless post-trade operations.

Expertise in DLT: Ionixx excels in post-trade processing, leveraging cutting-edge Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

Post-trade solutions, within the context of financial markets, constitute a comprehensive suite of services and processes that come into play once a trade has been executed. At Ionixx, our services encompass trade automation and efficient post-trade processing, crucially enabling T+1 settlement. We cover various essential aspects such as clearing, where trade details are matched, settlement, where the actual transfer of assets and funds takes place, and custody, which involves the safekeeping of assets. Additionally, our post-trade solutions incorporate robust risk management measures to mitigate any potential risks associated with securities transactions, ensuring the smooth and secure completion of trades.

Since the back office handles critical functions in post-trade processing, such as trade verification, reconciliation, settlement, and reporting, it is critical to keep them up to speed with efficiency. Automating lengthy workflows through advanced technologies significantly improves the accuracy and speed of post-trade operations. Ionixx’s post-trade processing solution is built to address inefficiencies by automating the entire lifecycle of post-trade.

Ionixx’s risk management solutions in the post-trade life cycle encompass the identification, evaluation, and control of risks inherent to trading activities within the post-trade solutions framework. This critical process ensures the secure completion of trades, particularly in the context of T+1 settlement, T+0 settlement, and other aspects of the post-trade environment within capital markets. Here are several ways Ionixx assists with risk management:

Data Analytics and Reporting

Trade Reconciliation

Regulatory Compliance

Margin and Collateral Management

Counterparty Risk Assessment

Trade Lifecycle Monitoring

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Trade automation utilizes technology to streamline and standardize post-trade processes. It significantly reduces manual intervention, minimizes errors, and accelerates settlement cycles, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

T+1 settlement refers to the settlement of a trade one business day after the trade date, while T+0 settlement implies the settlement on the same day as the trade date or instantaneous real-time settlement. Shortening settlement cycles, like T+1, reduces counterparty risks and ensures timely clearing and settlement, optimizing post-trade processing.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or blockchain can be used to create a decentralized, secure, and transparent record of trade data and transactions. This technology enhances post-trade processing by providing a single source of truth, reducing reconciliation efforts, and improving data integrity.

There are several emerging technologies that are expected to shape the future of capital markets, including distributed ledger technology (DLT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, machine learning, big data analytics, and cloud computing. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize various aspects of capital markets, including post-trade reconciliation, risk management, and trading strategies.