Executive Summary

Capital markets and post-trade settlement processes have been ripe for a wave of digital disruption for well over a decade now. Our customer recognized the value of digital transformation quite early compared to their competitors. They wanted to move the needle with modern technology and offer a zero-friction post-trade settlement experience.

Our customer initiated a comprehensive technology modernization drive that resulted in owning a dynamic post-trade settlement platform. The new platform was built with robust automation capabilities that streamlined complex back-office workflows, replaced batch-processing systems with real-time data processing, and helped broker-dealers stay on top of crucial regulatory mandates.

In our customer s digital transformation of its post-trade operations, Ionixx Technologies worked as an end-to-end technology solutions partner. This translated to delightful business outcomes for our customer and their customers.

Accelerated Settlement Finality
Enhanced Risk Assessment & Proactive Mitigation
Streamlined Reconciliation & Elimination of Double Accounting
Dramatic Decrease in Trade Failures
Substantial Reduction in Manual Errors
User centric Design for Premium Platform Experience
Ionixx had delivered several such brokerage solutions in the past. Our diverse experience in the capital markets gave us good leverage to get it right.

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