Custom-Built Technology Solutions for Capital Markets

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Drive transformation across the entire capital markets
value chain with cloud, APIs, and automation.

Equip yourself with future-proof

capital markets technology solutions.

Custom application and platform development

Data handling and management solutions

Process (front,middle, and back-office) optimization

Data/platform integration


Realize the 3-fold benefit of

Reduced time
to market

Key Benefits of Our Capital Markets Solutions

At Ionixx, we are dedicated to providing investors, enterprises,
broker-dealers, and financial institutions with modern capital markets solutions
that deliver operational excellence.

Streamlined OperationsHarness the power of automation and digital transformation to enhance efficiency in your capital markets processes.
Efficient Risk ManagementMitigate risks effectively with state-of-the-art risk assessment tools and frameworks.
Robust Data AnalyticsMake informed decisions with real-time data insights and predictive analytics, driving your business forward.
Strong ComplianceStay ahead of regulatory changes with our compliance and reporting tools, ensuring your business remains compliant at all times.
Sustained Client EngagementEnhance client experiences with bespoke, personalized solutions, creating lasting relationships and trust.

Segments We Cater to in The
Capital Markets industry

Full-cycle Trading Platforms & Solutions

By leveraging our expertise in financial technology and trading environments,
we empower capital market businesses with our end-to-end automation services
that cover everything from ordering to clearing.

Electronic Trading PlatformsOur custom-built online trading platforms for retail and institutional clients provide them with electronic access to financial markets for a seamless trading experience.
Order Management Systems (OMS)We tailor our solutions to facilitate the efficient execution and management of trades by allowing broker-dealers to handle order entry, routing, and execution across multiple asset classes.
Execution management System(EMS)Our trade execution services focus on providing clients with advanced trading tools, algorithmic trading capabilities, and connectivity to various liquidity venues for optimized trade execution.
Risk Management SystemsWe provide a repository of tools for real-time risk assessment, stress testing, and compliance monitoring that enable broker-dealers to monitor and manage market, credit, and operational risks.
Compliance and Regulatory Reporting ToolsWe equip broker-dealers with tools for reporting trades, monitoring compliance with financial regulations, and staying updated on regulatory changes to minimize potential pitfalls.

Market Data Solutions

We've strategically designed our services to provide resilient solutions
that offer time and historical market feeds to generate accurate
and timely market data for informed trading decisions.

Prime Brokerage ServicesOur prime brokerage services for broker-dealers provide a suite of financial solutions, including securities lending, custodial services, and financing.
Clearing and Settlement SolutionsOur services provide a range of solutions to facilitate trade clearing and settlement to ensure the timely and accurate transfer of securities and funds, multi-clearing and self-clearing support, ACATS, real-time margin, and SMA calculations.
Liquidity and Connectivity SolutionsBroker-dealers can connect with various liquidity providers, exchanges, and alternative trading systems, enhancing access to liquidity for executing trades.
Digital Transformation SolutionsBroker-dealers can fast-track their digital transformation by accelerating the adoption of mobile trading apps, robo-advisors, and other innovative financial technologies.
Cybersecurity SolutionsOur robust cybersecurity measures ensure protection for sensitive financial data and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of client information.
Custom Software DevelopmentGet tailored software solutions that meet specific business needs, such as proprietary trading systems, customer portals, or unique risk management tools.
Fully Paid Securities LendingSecurities finance is an integral component of capital market solutions, often encompassing lending and borrowing securities, repo transactions, and collateral management.
Investment BankingFully automated solutions for the modern capital markets landscape covering a wide array of asset classes, ensuring reduced costs and minimized regulatory risk and complexity.
Risk Management and ComplianceSafeguard operations and enhancing your overall resilience with integrated technology solutions built with industry best practices. Mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance with our specialized risk management and compliance solutions.

Experience the Ionixx Advantage

Build a competitive

by improving trading and treasury performance while enhancing monitoring and reporting.

Transform your
current ecosystem

to drive efficiency and capture innovations by creating coherent and flexible IT architectures.

Extend your business

by analyzing and forecasting with one integrated solution, creating automated processes and coherent data.

Success Stories

Ionixx partnered with a Brokerage firm to lead the digital transformation of their back-office trading operations.


Ionixx worked with P2E to build a cutting-edge compliance management soluti


Why Choose Ionixx for Capital Market
Software Solutions & Services?

Proven ExpertiseBenefit from the combined knowledge and experience of industry experts, technologists, and financial professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in capital markets.
Cost-Effective SolutionsRealize significant cost savings while maintaining a competitive edge in the capital markets.
ScalabilityOur solutions are designed to grow with your business, ensuring you are always equipped to adapt to changing market dynamics.
CustomizabilityOur solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique needs, tailoring our services to align with their strategic objectives.
Customer-centricityCount on our dedicated team for ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring seamless operations 24/7. We prioritize client satisfaction. Our collaborative approach and dedicated support ensure a seamless experience throughout the project lifecycle.
Futuristic & Innovative Stay at the forefront of the latest and emerging technology trends with our mission to continuously innovate, keeping your business agile and future-ready.