Custom Trade Order Management Solution for Modern TradersReal-time. Customizable. Future-ready

With Ionixx’s custom Order Management System, you can organize and streamline daily trade workflows across asset classes. As a full-featured OMS, our order management solution offers real-time balances and positions, customizable risk controls, and broad reporting capabilities.

The team has seamlessly implemented the auction and inventory funding functions. They've completely automated processes that were previously manual. Their organizational structure was effective, allowing access to both project managers and engineers.

Dinesh Kumar- Head Marketing

Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company

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Ionixx's OMS Trading Software Solution :
Designed for Speed, Flexibility, and Innovation

Ionixx’s OMS is a robust trading system software that facilitates trading between stakeholders with highly configurable trade workflow, data, documentation, and reporting.

An OMS Built for The FutureIonixx’s OMS is scalable, flexible, and fast

Low Latency & High STPOur Order Management System Software offers real-time insight into the latest price and market conditions.
Lightning Fast ProcessingA trading management system with faster order flows, processed quickly and efficiently with 100% automation.
Trade Monitor BlotterDoubling up as an asset management system, our OMS helps you track all orders with accurate data points and analytics.
Fractional or Notional TradingOur OMS’ Frazione offering offers fractional and notional trading.
Seamless CommunicationOur trade management system is equipped with REST APIs for all pre/core trade operations.

Our Order Management Solution Process


Seamlessly integrate and streamline your trading operations with our robust FIX/API connectivity, ensuring efficient order execution and connectivity to multiple markets with our robust trading software.

Real Time Cash

Optimize your financial workflows with our real-time cash and asset management system, enabling precise control and visibility over your cash positions, transactions, and liquidity.


Mitigate risks and enhance decision-making with our comprehensive risk management solution, providing real-time analysis and proactive strategies to safeguard your investments and ensure lean portfolio management.

Real Time Account

Efficiently manage accounts in real-time, monitor balances, transactions, and portfolios with our dynamic account management system, ensuring precision and agility in financial operations.

Real Time SMA

Empower your business with real-time SMA (Separately Managed Accounts) availability of our trade management system, enabling instant insights and strategic decisions to enhance investment performance and client satisfaction.

A Trade Order Management System That Delivers The Absolute BestFeatures that are comprehensive

Fractional/Notional trading

15C3-5 Pre Trading Risk Checks

Monitor order message and trade status

Cash Deposit via ACH or wire through API

Automatic calculation of Transaction fees

Pre trade Margin calculations

Smart Order router

Advanced Order Execution

Real time Account balance & position on a simple UI

CAT Reporting

Highlights of Our Online Order Management Solution

Security at all levels:Firm, Partner & Account.
Set Buying Power at Partner level.
Update SMA via API or on Web.

Ionixx OMS - Open Architecture for Seamless Integration


Live Market Data

  • Market/Limit Order, Conditional Order, US Equities Trading, Fractional Trading01
  • Rules Engine for
    Pre Trade Checks, Risk Checks and Margin Checks02
  • Order Events, Notification & Rejection Reasons Available on Trade Blotter UI03
  • Network W/ Multiple Venues via FIX API04
  • Rest API Connectivity Real-time Account Balance & Position Update05
  • Real-time Trade Activity, Historica Order, & Risk Exposure Monitoring06

Why Choose Ionixx for
Order Management Solution?

Technological Know how

Our team boasts deep expertise in cutting-edge technologies relevant to order management. We stay ahead of the curve by constantly updating our skills and adopting the latest advancements in the field.

Trading Domain Expertise

We combine a profound understanding of the finance and trading domains with extensive experience in developing tailored Trade Order Management Solutions. Our team comprehensively understands the unique challenges and requirements of this domain.

Robust Processes

Ionixx follows an agile and structured approach to emphasize clear communication, project milestones, and regular progress updates. Our processes are designed to guarantee on-time, within-budget delivery of a high-quality OMS Trading Solution that surpasses your expectations.

An Order Management Software That Covers GroundWe cover all the bases


Straight Thru

Trade Processing time

SOD Files

EOD files

CAT Reporting

FIX Transfer

Platform type

Deployment type

15c-3 support

Position Management

Account Management


Order Routing

APIs Supported

SMA Availability

Trade Monitor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Order Management System Software package typically includes order entry, order tracking, trade allocation, position management, compliance monitoring, reporting, and more. Speak to our solutions team for more details.

Yes, our OMS solutions team offers comprehensive support, training, and ongoing assistance to help you maximize the benefits of the trading system software and order management services.

Our OMS trading platform enhances operational efficiency by automating order entry, allocation, trade execution, and portfolio management, leading to quicker and more accurate trades.

Absolutely. Our Order Management Software for small businesses offers a scaled-down version of OMS platforms, providing cost-effective solutions tailored to the needs of small enterprises.

Yes, we’ve developed a well-designed OMS system that can seamlessly integrate with your existing platform, optimizing order processing, trade order management, and customer service.

Absolutely. Our Order Management Solution can be customized to suit your unique portfolio management requirements, allowing for tailored functionalities and configurations.

Asset management within an OMS platform involves tracking and managing a wide array of financial assets, providing you a centralized view for better decision-making and strategic planning.

Our robust Trade Order Management System employs sophisticated risk management features to monitor and mitigate risks associated with trades, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards in order management system trading.