BuildClinician friendly interfaces

Our design experts critically think through clinical workflows to build technology that is intuitive and lean, always keeping Clinicians in mind. Less time adapting to new apps and navigating the technology can result in more time spent on patient interaction.

Healthcare ComplianceUnderstood

Our robust portfolio in digital health products including Telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring, Medical devices and more are guaranteed to be HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

Healthcare Compliance

Secure PatientData

We provide Healthcare Cybersecurity, ensuring all your Medical Devices are securely designed, maintained and monitored for the safety of patients and their data.

Secure Patient Data

Upgrading HealthTechto meet current standards

Our customized, cutting-edge integration solutions adapt to changing regulations, including upgrading your existing HL7 V2 and C-CDA data transfers to meet FHIR standards.

Upgrading HealthTech


Steth IO

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Steth IO

Patient centric medical consultation platform.

Doc Talk

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Doc Talk

HIPAA-compliant Healthcare Communications App.


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Health and benefits administration software.

Our customers lovewhat we do

Gaadi Bazaar. A Marketplace for used and new Vehicles

The team has seamlessly implemented the auction and inventory funding functions. They've completely automated processes that were previously manual.

Tenshey.A platform connecting Leaders with Executive Coaches

Users praise its transparent layout and intuitive interface. The team added value with their attentive, thorough project management style.

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