Neuron: Powering the Future of Population Health Insights

Unlock the full potential of your healthcare data ecosystem with Neuron. Our modern cloud based platform is
designed to provide real-time health insights while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Neuron is a population health insights data engine that enables seamless sharing of valuable healthcare data across your entire care data ecosystem. Harness the power of modern cloud infrastructure and meet regulatory requirements effortlessly.


  • Low Monthly Subscriptions

    Access top-tier analytics at a fraction of the cost, enabling healthcare organizations of all sizes to benefit.

  • Modern Cloud Infrastructure

    Enjoy the convenience and reliability of our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure for seamless data analysis and collaboration.

  • Scalable to the Masses

    Grow your healthcare data ecosystem without constraints. Neuron is built to handle increasing data volumes effortlessly.

  • Deployable Anywhere

    Choose your preferred environment to deploy Neuron, be it on-premises, in a private cloud, or with a public cloud provider.


  • Shared Insights across Care Data Ecosystem

    Ensure seamless sharing of valuable insights between care providers, improving patient outcomes and care coordination.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes

    Leverage Neuron's advanced analytics to identify trends and optimize care delivery, leading to better patient outcomes.

  • Enhanced Care Coordination

    Promote collaborationand coordinated care among healthcareproviders, resulting inimproved patient care and reduced costs.

  • Choose from a Variety of Popular Runtime Environments

    Run Neuron jobs in your favorite runtime environment, providing flexibility and ease of integration within your existing infrastructure.

  • Instantly Layer on Top of Your Favorite Data Warehouse Solution

    Seamlessly integrate Neuron with your preferred data warehouse for unified data management and streamlined analytics.

Use Cases

  • Hospitals and Health Systems

    Optimize population health management and drive operational efficiency in healthcare settings.

  • Health Insurance Companies

    Uncover actionable insights to improve risk assessment, care coordination, and enhance customer experience.

  • Research Organizations

    Accelerate scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs through the analysis of largescale healthcare data.

  • Public Health Agencies

    Utilize advanced analytics to track and monitor epidemiological data for disease surveillance and outbreak management.

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