The Challenge
Defining the problem
  • We live at a time and age where there is a wide proliferation of fake documents and certificates without a regulated system to verify their authenticity.

  • Existing background verifications solutions are challenged with cumbersome paper-driven processes and necessitate the involvement of middlemen notwithstanding poor results.

Devising a solution
  • DVS is an all-in-one SaaS-based blockchain application for organizations and institutions to verify and validate highly critical documents.

  • By creating a decentralized blockchain ledger that uses strong cryptography, we built DVS with the aim to enhance the safety and security of the most critical documents.

  • All contracts, documents, and communications are automatically encrypted and hashed to the blockchain.

Potential User Groups
  • Candidates, Authenticators & Syndicates.

circle effect

How we went about arriving at the solution

1. Designing a single unified platform on Blockchain

We evaluated a few Blockchain frameworks and decided to build a DApp to leverage the decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain.

The blockchain-enabled platform:
Sesitive icon

Helped users upload sensitive documents, view and download them whenever necessary.

Patient entity

Facilitated various participant entities to collaborate with each other seamlessly to complete the verification process.

User complete

Enabled users to take complete control over their documents. They could upload the documents, store them in a secure way, and share with different employers as and when required.

Enable employee

Enabled employers to gain access to candidates’ documents on candidate approval. This helped employers to easily verify the documents, thus completely avoiding delays encountered in the traditional process.

2. Creating Prototypes

By prototyping, we could test the application upfront and identify any possible glitches.

By testing all assumptions with the prototype, we ensured there was seamless navigation before going live.

Owner verification
Owner Image
Owner verify
3. Focusing on Visual Design

To add to the aesthetic value, we used imagery, colors, shapes, typography, and form to enhance the look and feel - besides improving the overall user experience.