Gaadi Bazaar is an initiative of the Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company, an Indian business conglomerate.

Through this initiative, Gaadi Bazaar seeks to function as a highly competent and competitive online marketplace for buying and selling used commercial vehicles.

Case study

How we built a streamlined vehicle trading ecosystem

Gaadi Bazaar approached Ionixx with a specific business requirement. They were looking to build a structured dealer/vendor trading ecosystem/ online marketplace, driven by values of transparency.

  • Product Users
  • Automobile Vendors
  • Traders
  • Consumers


Through our first-level research, we identified that 70% of vehicle buyers conducted their primary research online.Therefore, the primary challenge that we sought to address through our design process was to build trust, while managing customer expectations throughout the customer lifecycle & establishing a strong customer relationship.


We helped Gaadi Bazaar users in their decision-making process through our design!

We devised a solution that comprised the following activities:


Sketching and prototyping (Wireframing and Visual Design)

Based on the brainstorming activities, wireframing & visual design, we identified how we could use design to build trust with the user.

By designing a single platform embedded with search, research and compare functionalities, we sought to build credibility for the platform.


Take a look at our detailed design process below.


Project Lead

Designer / Developer

Design Lead


Brainstorming ideas resulted in wireframes and hand-drawn sketches. Wireframing helped us see through errors upfront and also minimize redundancies.


Visual Design

Post-conceptualization, we prepared the visual design to get an idea on how the app would look and feel in real-time.

Providing Business Value through Design

After our initial wireframing, we thought it fit to include the following features.

Recommend a Car

The Recommend a Car feature would provide a cue to the user to initiate a task. This helped users understand where to begin through a useful prompt rather than spending a lot of time exploring the app to get a head start. This feature thus acted as a good starting point for users to navigate the app.


Compare Cars

The Compare Cars feature would enable users to make an informed choice in their decision-making process. For instance, a user looking to buy a used vehicle with specific parameters in his search will directly be led to the right results without having to wade his way through scores of irrelevant data.


Added Features

With integrated insurance functions on the app, we helped Gaadi Bazaar users save time

We made up for the absence of a streamlined funding and insurance functionalities at a single touchpoint by integrating the Insurance feature in to the Gaadi Bazaar app.

This helped users and business owners to save time and have an uninterrupted and seamless user experience while carrying out their vehicle trading operations.

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