Easy Onboarding Solution for Successful Customer Engagement

With IX KYC, we helped simplify complex onboarding processes for financial institutions by building anefficient digital product to pave the way for paperless operations.


As we are inching towards an increasingly digital age, customers’ expectations in the realm of banking operations are growing more dynamically. This means, creating a convenient and enjoyable digital onboarding process is significant for staying relevant in the changing financial landscape.

By enabling digital entry of data for all the stakeholders involved,
Ionixx helped build a stable product that would collect KYC details digitally for customers of banks, online payment companies, and financial/ non-financial institutions.

Optimization of a time-consuming data collection process

On initial analysis, we identified that some of the major challenges that currently plague onboarding operations for financial institutions include:

High turnaround time for filling out KYC forms

Labor-intensive manual processes in filling and verification of information

Creating an impact

Digitization of information

After extensive understanding of the business’ requirements, we thought it fit.

to gather only the most important details of customers in a bid to save time and maximize reliability.

to enable customer onboarding by reducing manual effort and digitizing data entry functions resulting in simpler operations.

to facilitate increased efficiency of time by minimizing chances of failures.

Paperless onboarding via an omnichannel automation platform

Ionixxs built an omnichannel automation platform to help auto-fetch details from customer proof documents, thus requiring customers to enter only a part of the details manually.

This greatly reduced time to onboard thus enabling instant paperless onboarding.

This also offered adequate flexibility in that it allowed customers to choose from the list of steps or details and use it in real-time for their own KYC process.

Streamlined guarantor verification process

Ionixx built a stable system to ensure seamless verification of guarantor details, precluding customers the external guidance needed to complete the complex process of checking eligibility.

This helped streamline the customer flow and made guarantor verification a lot simpler by asking for minimal information thereby ensuring a hassle-free onboarding process for customers.