An Online Personal Lending Solution

Product Brief

A comprehensive suite of mobile applications for performing a wide range of real time, online personal lending activities that automatically manages end-to-end lending operations for the Indian market. The operations include KYC (Know Your Customer) capture, loan disbursements, loan collection, PAR (Portfolio At Risk)/NPA (Non-Performing Assets) management and complete financial accounting.


MSM is the product owner of this personal loan mobile solution. It is a leading microfinance company with a distinguished portfolio of about 40 crores with 65,000 borrowers.

Data uint
Minimizing the Need for Data Input

By designing the OCR Scanning feature, we enabled users to save time in terms of minimizing their efforts toward mundane data entry.

Unique Selling Point

Enabling Instant Results for the User

Through the Rating Engine Parameter feature we designed, we gave users the opportunity to check for their loan eligibility within seconds; thereby expediting the initial pre-screening process.

Selling point

Design First Approach

  • 1. Design Brief

  • Product Strategy

    2. Conceptualization

    3. User stories

  • Pre Design

    4. Task flows

    5. Ideation and sketching

    6. Wireframing

  • Iterative Process

    7. UX Design

    8. Visual Design

    9. Rapid prototyping

Ux design
Visual desing
Rapid prototyping

Design Challenges

Design challen
Design challenge
Informed Decision Making

With the integration of a customized EMI calculator, we helped users in their decision making process without having to switch several applications

Dense Yet Usable

By designing a screen that displayed an all-round view of loan features on a single screen, we were able to provide users with a holistic view of the application features through a least amount of time.

Design At The Core of A Sustainable Business!

  • Saving time
  • Saving Time Through a Paperless Process

    By designing an intuitive field verification screen enriched with several distinct features such as Filter option and GPRS tracking, we enabled users (Field Officers) to track and complete verification processes in no time.

  • Enhance value
  • Creating Enhanced Value by Mitigating Risk

    Designing a feature-rich loan applicant portfolio analysis screen enabled field officers to validate and verify loan applicants with minimal risk.This ensured that all data is populated and validated through a robust verification mechanism.

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